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  vrijdag, 11 juli 2014
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Having done 20,000 km since last brake pads change, i thought i would have a look at them to see how much they have worn out and give them a good clean. Well, i was pretty surprised at low wear. I mean new pads are 11 mm and mine are now 9mm. I guess a 2mm wear at this distance is a great result.

The pads now:

The brake discs, however, are rubbish now. They are 17mm out of minium 18mm. New are 20mm. They are indeed of terrible quality. I have done 57,000 km only from new. Once I owned a Skoda Fabia and I did 120,000 km on factory discs.

I also took a look at the rear drums. Well, the factory brake shoes are 4.5 mm and mine are now 4mm. Wow, a 0.5mm wear after 57,000 is a great result.
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