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  zaterdag, 30 juli 2011
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I hope to get help with some questions about airbags in our cars. I had planned to install water temuratur, and even a clock in my A-pillar. What about the air bag in the a-pillar?
Since I am interested about to replace my seats, the sports seats, What should I consider when I remove the original seats?

thanks in advance
5 jaar geleden
Hi David,

Concerning the airbag in the A-pillar I can't answer you since I didn't even know our bugs are available with curtain airbags.. (Mine doesn't have it anyway...)

About the seats there's a whole topic on this forum but I can imagine it's quite hard for you to find since -surprise!! ;D- it's all in dutch.. ;) I'll have a look in that particular topic and i'll try to translate it for you.. So...i'll be back!! :D
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